Psychopaths and Narcissists Feed On Negative Emotions

Psychopaths and individuals with Cluster B personality disorders (narcissistic, borderline, histrionic and antisocial) can truly harm the health and emotional well-being of people closest to them. Whether you were raised by such an individual, are divorcing one, or you work with one, it may seem impossible to keep an optimistic attitude and outlook with such a toxic force in your life.

My N-MIL, Her Flying Monkey, And The Need To Provoke Conflict

During the time we lived with my in-laws, my narcissistic mother-in-law engaged in gas-lighting, verbal abuse, rewriting history, blatant attempts at manipulation, playing dumb (or forgetful), projection, lying, denial, double standards, tantrums, crocodile tears, threats, bullying, emotional blackmail, and at least one meltdown of nuclear proportions.

Beware The Gracious Narcissist: Life With My NMIL

When my husband and I arrived back in our home state, several years ago, the plan was to stay with his parents while he settled into his new position with the company we were working for, had a minor surgery and a sufficient recovery period, and searched for an apartment. It was my mother-in-law who extended the invitation for us to stay with them during this time.